38 – 1956 short film of Von Braun shows the human spacefaring vision that the U.S. then had, but has since lost

Today, the U.S. human space program is severely handicapped by a paucity of forward-looking leaders. Consequently, it struggles from one self-created crisis to the next, not having any solid foundation of purpose and direction on which to make sound recommendations and decisions. A Great Power needs forward-looking visionary leaders pushing Continue reading

37 – Where is power beaming by laser a viable space technology?

Power transfer via laser is frequently proposed for space launch, in-space propulsion, in-space remote power supply, and space-to-earth power supply. The intent is the same of any modern power system—to organize power collection/generation, distribution, and utilization into an optimum configuration tailored to the mission needs. This posting focuses on how power transfer can and Continue reading

36 – Journal of Space Philosophy, Spring, 2014 published

Now in its third year of publication, the on-line (free) Journal of Space Philosophy Spring 2014 issue has been released by the Kepler Space Institute. It is lengthy at 177 pages with a very good range of topics. The journal is published as a series of PDF files, so it is convenient Continue reading

35 – Can you see these websites on your government or corporate computer?

Can you see these three websites on your government or corporate computers? Spacefaring Institute LLC Spacefaring America blog U.S. Spacefaring Foundation blog If not, request that access to these three sites be granted. They all focus on the important need for America to become a true commercial human spacefaring nation. Continue reading

34 – American Spacefaring Foundation being formed

In the paper Political Feasibility and Space Solar Power Implementation, Bob Krone and I address the need for further action to develop specific policy recommendations on implementing space solar power to resolve America’s energy security crisis. One of these recommendations is to form an American Spacefaring Foundation to bring together Continue reading