74 – Transcript of the October 5, 2017 meeting of the National Space Council

The following is a transcript of the inaugural meeting of the reconstituted National Space Council held on October 5, 2017. I prepared this transcript based on the above video recording of the meeting. The transcript is broken into 106 segments with the beginning of most segments linked to the location in the above video recording. (Clicking on the link will open the video at the point in a separate browser window.) Some minor changes were made to delete side conversations, repetitive words, etc., and to add some brief additions for reading clarity.

Government speakers:

  • Vice President of the United States, the Honorable Mike Pence
  • Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson
  • Deputy Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan
  • Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross
  • Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao
  • Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Elaine Duke
  • Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coates
  • Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney
  • Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, General H.R. McMaster
  • Acting Administrator of NASA, Robert Lightfoot
  • Assistant to the President ofr Homeland Security, Tom Bossert
  • Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Paul Selva

Invited speakers:

  • Panel 1 – Civil space
    • Marillyn Hewson, President and CEO, Lockheed-Martin
    • Dennis Muilenburg, President and CEO, The Boeing Company
    • David Thompson, President and CEO, Orbital-ATK
  • Panel 2 – Commercial space
    • Gwynned Shotwell, President, SpaceX
    • Bob Smith, CEO, Blue Origin
    • Fatih Ozmen, CEO, Sierra Nevada Corporation
  • Panel 3 – National security space
    • Dr. Michael Griffin, former NASA Administrator; former Deputy Director of Technology, Strategic Defense Initiative Office
    • Admiral James Ellis, (USN, retired), former commander, U.S. Strategic Command; Fellow, Hoover Institution
    • Colonel Pamala Melroy, (USAF, retired), test pilot, former astronaut, Space Shuttle pilot, Space Shuttle commander; past Deputy Director of Tactical Technologies, DARPA

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