39 – Space Development Steering Committee’s website posts my paper “Technically-achievable, Near-term Space Logistics”

A new effort is beginning to promote the development of fully-reusable space access. (More will be coming on this blog on this effort.)

In 2006, I wrote a technical paper describing how an integrated spacefaring logistics infrastructure could be built, using available technologies, throughout the Earth-Moon system. The paper is “Technically-achievable, Near-term Space Logistics”. The Space Development Steering Committee posted a link to this paper with my introduction on their website here. Check it out.

The illustration above is based on the technologies and operational concepts described in the paper. This is NOT science fiction, but what our American aerospace industry is capable of beginning to build today. Why we are not is based on the false politics that progress comes from social engineering rather than real engineering. If American continues to believe the false promises of social engineering, then our future is quite dim. What you see in the illustration could be operational today!