36 – Journal of Space Philosophy, Spring, 2014 published

Kepler Space Institute logoNow in its third year of publication, the on-line (free) Journal of Space Philosophy Spring 2014 issue has been released by the Kepler Space Institute. It is lengthy at 177 pages with a very good range of topics. The journal is published as a series of PDF files, so it is convenient to download and read on your tablet or PC. Here is a list of the contents of the spring issue that can be downloaded.

  1. Journal Cover
  2. Dedication
  3. Preface. Bob Krone & Gordon Arthur
  4. Contents
  5. Journal Press Release. Walt Putnam
  6. About Kepler Space Institute Inc. Board of Directors
  7. Letters-to-the-Editor. George Robinson, Ed Hancock, Bea Parnes, Rob Godwin, Richard Godwin
  8. The American Energy Security Crisis Solution – Space Solar Power. Mike Snead
  9. Political Feasibility and Space Missions. Bob Krone and Mike Snead
  10. The Promise and Wisdom of Nanotechnology. Stephanie Lynne Thorburn
  11. Richard Kirby’s Inspiration. Gordon Arthur
  12. Arthur C. Clarke’s Philosophy for the 21st Century. Bob Krone
  13. Celestial Values. Kim Peart
  14. Human Space Activity: The Spiritual Imperative. Madhu Thangavelu
  15. The Space Option: Our Cosmic Choice. Arthur Woods
  16. The Happiest 20 Seconds of our Lives. Leo Thorsness
  17. Asteroid Mining: Why and How. Michael Buet and Robert Frantz
  18. The Evolutionary Impulse to Expand Beyond Earth. Steven Wolfe
  19. Astro-Humanism: Space as a Spiritual Movement. Walt Putnam
  20. Isaacson 1980 Aspirational Statement –Space Exploration. Bob Krone
  21. A Planetary Defense Policy. Al Globus
  22. Solar Power Satellites for a Sustainable Industrial Future. William Mook