The American Energy Security Crisis Solution—Space Solar Power

Section X – If Only the Titanic Had 30 Seconds More of Warning

America’s need for a replacement for fossil fuels is undeniable. The age of affordable fossil fuels will end in America, likely within the lifetime of our children and grandchildren. Only through a decades-long concerted effort will America be able to build the new spacefaring industrial capabilities, infrastructure, and space solar power satellites needed to meet this clear energy security challenge successfully.

In terms of White’s Law, America’s energy future can now be expressed as:

ESSP • Tspacefaring Þ CUnited States in 2100

Thus, for what reason do we dawdle? Imagine, for a moment, the thrill of sailing on the Titanic on its maiden voyage and of the awfulness that would have been avoided had there been only another 30 seconds of warning. Imagine now the thrill of setting America on a course of becoming a true human spacefaring nation, of being among the coming generations that will lift American culture permanently into space, that will develop the new T to allow us to exploit the new E from the solar power awaiting us in geostationary orbit and then exploiting all this new E and T to open the entire solar system to humanity. Imagine now the calamity of an America that waits too long, figuratively enjoying a peaceful but tragic cruise into the future, until one day there is no more affordable gas at the corner gas station, your home’s natural gas supply ends, and rolling blackouts begin. Then, what will America’s leaders say—“If only we had more time.…”

White’s Law really is not an obituary of an unavoidable failure of civilization, but a roadmap of the path forward for America to follow to remain prosperous. Unmistakably, it now tells us it’s time for America to climb a new mountain to achieve energy security—and to do so by becoming a true commercial human spacefaring nation. Again, with this new understanding, for what reason do we dawdle?

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